A comprehensive review of Due diligence virtual data room

The virtual data room is a revolutionary discovery that has turned the business world upside down but only in a good way. Now it is an indispensable assistant in many business processes such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, due diligence, and much more. VDR has helped the business world reach a new level and simplify many tasks, making your work more efficient. But how do you know which data room provider to choose so you won’t regret it? In this article, we’ll give a comprehensive overview of the best virtual data rooms.

iDeals Review 

iDeals Virtual Data Room has long been at the top of the list of leading VDR providers. This online space has everything you could want and more in its arsenal. The main purpose of its existence is to ensure due diligence and is applicable in any field. The administrator has 8 levels of access which he can allocate between users, all activity within VDR is tracked, and high-level data protection and encryption guarantees safe storage and exchange of your confidential data within the software. 

Citrix ShareFile Overview 

Citrix ShareFile is a cloud-based data room that serves great for transactional purposes in a wide range of professional fields, from the government to investment. The data room meets the best security standards and includes watermarks, dual authentication, and 256-bit encryption in its features. 

It is within the administrator’s right to assign a user’s role and thereby determine their level of access to certain files. 

Tracking features help keep all processes under control, and if there are any changes, you’ll be notified immediately by email. 

A good thing is that you can pay only for some of the features of VDR which are necessary for your company’s operations so you don’t have to spend money on something you will never use.

Datasite Review 

For Datasite, the main aspect that the program focuses most on is the security of document exchange and storage. Of course, almost all data rooms offer strong security, but Datasite has many additional security features. The program has ISO 27001 certification, several access levels, watermarks, and an audit trail. 

But as a rule, when a company puts too much effort into one thing, something else is left unfinished, and in this case, the list of modern technological features of VDR is lame, the company does not even provide a mobile application.

Box Data Room Review 

Last but not least in our data room reviews is Box Data Room that has a sophisticated set of permissions and security measures, making it a great option for file sharing, and remote collaboration between two companies. The main features can be considered:

  • Full customization with company logos and colors
  • Simple interface
  • Access to the document expires
  • Limitations on document preview, downloading, and printing

And while most vendors also offer all of these features, the main difference is that Box Data Room has an electronic document signature feature and task automation. Its ease of use and set of all the necessary features make it an ideal option for medium and small entrepreneurs who are looking for a standard yet qualitative VDR.