Avast VPN for Torrent: Fast, Secure and Stable Server

Avast VPN for Torrent: Fast, Secure and Stable Server

According to the reports of the British company Muso, the number of visits to pirate sites is rather high. This means almost one-fifth of the population uses torrent clients to download various files. Downloading files through the torrent protocols is convenient, especially when the content costs a lot of money and is not available on certain platforms. However, by downloading files through these protocols, you infringe on the copyright of this content.

When you download files from a torrent, you share chunks of the file with someone else who also downloads and distributes the content. Thus, you, without presenting it, share your IP address with other “peers”. How can this affect you? When downloading such content, your ISP can easily see what you are doing, what files you are downloading, and also send you a warning about downloading torrent files.

Copyright holders can also take legal action against you and demand compensation for illegal use and distribution of the product.

How can VPN help you to download torrent

The main task of VPN providers is to provide users with anonymity by hiding their IP addresses, as well as encrypting traffic from Internet providers. Thus, you remain anonymous, and no one can detect what you downloaded and when. However, when purchasing a VPN service, make sure your provider provides these features. Otherwise, neither your safety nor your anonymity will be ensured:

  • P2P Optimized Servers: Not all providers provide torrent downloads. If you want to download torrent files, make sure the VPN service has P2P optimized servers;
  • High speed: Downloading torrent files can take tens of minutes, and even several hours if you are using a VPN service with slow server speeds;
  • Kill Switch: When downloading torrent files, the VPN connection may be disconnected at any minute, but the download may continue with your real IP address. To avoid such a case, make sure that your VPN provider has this function and stops all your Internet activities when you disconnect from VPN services;
  • No logging: You already know that downloading torrent files is not legal. If your potential VPN provider keeps logs of your online activities, then instead of protecting you, on the contrary, they may turn you over to the government.

Avast VPN

Avast VPN is the application from a renowned anti-virus software developer that is rather easy to be used. It gives the ability to connect to virtual networks (VPNs) with a single click. The program is able choose the country of the server independently, based on the geographical location. Also the choice can be done by user.

You have to download torrent files since the prices for these contents are rather non-democratic. However, in doing so, do not make the mistake of ignoring your anonymity and privacy on the Internet. Remember that every step you take on the Internet is saved by your ISP. Hence, use dedicated software to stay safe and surf the internet anonymously. The above provider will help you provide the necessary anonymity, as well as provide a high-speed VPN experience under the protection of traffic encryption.