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The Finest SCUF Controllers to Buy for PS4

In case your old PlayStation controller is too worn-down or you want some changes, it’s high time you find a new one. The selection of options, in this case, is overwhelming and everything depends on the sum of money you are willing to spend. Today, we’ll focus on a SCUF controller compatible with PS4. Let’s find out what they look like, which models are the most popular, and how to pick the best one on the market.

What is SCUF?

SCUF is an official controller partner for the leading professional gaming leagues. This is the choice of the world’s most successful professional gamers. The company stands out offering to customize the controller and take gaming to the next level. If you pick SCUF Infinity 4PS, you can change thumbsticks, trigger control, and paddle configuration.

The brand makes everything possible to make your gaming experience better and nicer. The paddles, for instance, mimic button actions and let your thumbs remain on thumbsticks. Over 50% of your hand is involved in gameplay.

It also stands out by offering EMR technology. Transform the SCUF controller using the SCUF Mag Key. Other advantages include an adjustable hair trigger mechanism, quick shift trigger stops, etc. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

The most popular SCUF controller

A fully modular SCUF Infinity 4PS is the most desired controller for gamers. However, there are other models, too. For instance, the Impact SCUF controller. The model is ergonomically designed for a convenient grip and multiple gaming hours. It features a traditional thumbstick layout with 4 paddles. Other advantages include adjustable triggers and thumbsticks you can change based on your needs.

Infinity 4PS Pro is a completely customizable model with 2 paddles. As it was mentioned before, this model has tons of advantages. However, you need to be ready to spend quite a lot on it. The price starts at $150 and goes up depending on the design you want.

Visiting the official site, you can find a comparison table that gives you a complete picture of both models.

A brief comparison of SCUF Controller models

Impact stands out offering 4 paddles. It also has more color combinations to offer. If you prefer an extended shape, this model will be a winner as well.

Infinity, on the other hand, is smaller and lighter. If these facts are more important to you, the choice is obvious.

Both models have anti-friction rings, remapping, trigger systems, USB to micro-USB connectivity, and compatibility with PS4, PC, and PS3. No matter which SCUF controller you get, you are sure to get the highest quality build possible and dozens of features, accessories, customization possibilities, etc. They both offer the military grip. The only drawback they both share is the price tag.

The verdict on SCUF Controller

In general, each SCUF controller is the best your money can buy. Over 90% of professional gamers prefer this controller. There are so many advantages to getting them.

One of the reasons is the possibility to control the experience adjusting thumbsticks, paddles, triggers, etc. Another reason is power. It can be quickly customized to help you get the best gaming experience. Clearly, precision is one of the strongest sides, too. This is especially important if you play games like FIFA, NBA2K, Call of Duty, etc.

If you really want the best, SCUFF controller, get the Infinity model and customize it completely to your taste.