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Top 3 Dell Keyboards of 2019

If you often use a keyboard, you definitely need to pick the best typing companion. The selection of options and the modern market is enormous since every brand offers multiple options. Today, however, we’ll focus on the Dell keyboards and its best models.

Choosing the best Dell keyboard, you need to specify for yourself whether you prefer a wired or a wireless option. This will narrow down the search and help you make a better choice faster. Choosing between these types, you should take into account various factors. Each group has certain pros and cons but most importantly it depends on your preferences. Let’s take a look at the highest-rated models of the year to let you buy the best from the best.

Top 3 best Dell keyboard options

  • Dell KM714 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo,
  • Dell KB522Business Multimedia Keyboard,
  • Dell AW568 NMCRP Alienware Advanced Gaming Keyboard.

Let’s take a quick look at each model. The first on the list is Dell KM714. This is a wireless combo of a keyboard and a mouse that deliver high-quality performance to every user. It has a modern and sleek design that is supposed to keep the desktop experience clutter-free. Besides, this Dell keyboard has the Scissor Chiclet keys. The Logitech Unifying technology and a single Nano dongle help you keep more USB slots free for other devices. It also has an extended battery life which is perfect for long working hours.

Another worthy model is Dell keyboard KB522. This model was designed for businesses. It’s quite affordable and weighs about 1.3 lb. Black and sleek design makes it look very beautiful both in the office and at home. The mid-profile keycap is great for typing. If your job is connected to frequent typing, it’s definitely worth trying. Other useful features include 104 keys, multimedia function, and a newly refreshed ID. This is a perfect solution for everyday use. The keyboard comes with shortcuts and multimedia keys to ease the experience and let you quickly access the features and programs you need.

Finally, there is the Dell keyboard AW568. This solution is the best for those who often forget to charge their devices. This is a wired keyboard with a new Alienware iconic design. It’s a wonderful choice for gaming since Alienware accessories were created to enhance your gaming experience. The keyboard has an RGB lighting system for the same purpose. You can expect smooth and responsive gameplay with very accurate keypresses. The design also includes lots of extra keys for gaming purposes as well as low click noise for your convenience.

As you see, each model of the Dell keyboard is good for certain goals. To make the best choice, you should think about what you need.

The verdict on the best Dell keyboard

All in all, every Dell keyboard has something great to offer. It’s a well-known trust-worthy brand that manufactures high-quality computing products. Choose the keyboard you need based on your preferences and goals. Today, we’ve discussed the model which is most suitable for gaming. Another top choice covered the keyboard for business purposes. An average user is sure to like the first reviewed model, Dell KM714 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. It’s a combination of a keyboard and a mouse. Both of them secure good performance and battery life.