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Full Review Lenovo Flex to Make the Choice Easier

Lenovo Flex 4 is an affordable and highly visible convertible laptop. 2-in-1 devices continue to grab the attention of users who increasingly use tablets and, if necessary, do not mind making them more suitable for office work. Many companies offer such versatile devices, but not all of them are successful. Without embellishment, were analyzed the main practical points and technical characteristics of the device.

The Flex line is relatively new. Translated from English, the term means “stretching”. In practice and relation to the devices of the series, this means the widest possible opening angle. So, in a laptop Lenovo Flex 4 15 it is 300 degrees! In this regard, the device can be used in any convenient way. Considering the touch screen, there can be a great variety of such methods.

The body of the device is mainly made of matte plastic. Although it collects fingerprints, it is characterized by increased wear resistance to scratches and other physical influences. There are no questions about the assembly. There is no backlash and no extraneous sounds. Lenovo Flex 4 is worth buying for a rich and bright 15.6-inch screen. Its resolution is 1920 x 1080 peak. This may not seem enough to some in 2017, but this format is optimal and will be used in laptops for a long time. Its main advantage is its sensor. The model has an average weight (2 kg) and the required number of ports. Soft key travel allows you to comfortably type text. The keyboard itself is somewhat recessed into the body. The key size is optimal for different brush sizes. The touchpad is large, comfortable, supports two-finger gestures.

Lenovo Flex model technical characteristics

A distinctive feature of the hardware filling is the ability to purchase a transformer laptop in various configurations. This is a good opportunity for those who do not want to overpay for power that they do not use; or for those who, on the contrary, intends to buy the device faster. Outstanding characteristics cannot be called. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that this is a good working laptop with no frills. However, for average tasks, this power is quite enough. Responsible for the graphics Intel HD Graphics 520. This is enough to run games on the initial settings. The 1000 GB hard drive works quite fast. This is not an SSD, but its speed of about 100 MB / s is quite optimal for standard use. An important feature is a fact that even at maximum load, it does not make noise and does not heat up.

For the more selective user, there are modifications with the Core i7-7500U processor. The memory in these models has a capacity of up to 16 GB, and the “standard” HDD is replaced by a faster SSD-drive (read speed 550 Mb / s), up to 512 GB.

Together with the integrated HD 520 core, the device uses a discrete AMD Radeon R7 M460 card. The analog for NVidia is the GT 940M. This card is at least an entry-level, but games will be available at medium graphics settings. This card is a good helper for a small laptop.