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The Review of Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers

Many people prefer to relax comfortably in nature, including listening to their favorite music. As a rule, phone speakers are not suitable for this, since their volume is often insufficient for full-fledged sound perception. Manufacturers of modern digital technology decided to meet the needs of consumers and developed portable speakers.

Today, you can find a lot of similar products on store shelves: devices differ from each other in overall dimensions, sound quality, cost, and various additional features. It is quite easy to get lost in such a variety. To make it easier for you to choose, here is compiled a rating of the best wireless speakers of 2020. Here was analyzed in detail the characteristics of each model, as well as give several useful tips for purchasing such a gadget.

It is important to check the battery capacity. In this case, the gadget can work offline up to 5-6 hours if you listen to music at an average volume level. Switching to maximum operating time is reduced. There are speakers equipped with the Power bank function, which allows you to charge smartphones or tablets from them. As a rule, this feature is present in models with a powerful battery.

Quite naturally, the first thing that buyers pay attention to is the maximum speaker output. If you need to increase the volume of music on your smartphone or synchronize the device with a laptop or personal computer, then products with an average power will be quite suitable.

Sony SRS-XB10

The most compact model in the Extra Bassline. Even though the column was released about two years ago, it continues to be in demand among customers due to its excellent sound quality and a very capacious battery that allows the device to work without interruption at an average volume for 16 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Quite bright products equipped with a built-in subwoofer. The case is entirely made of aluminum alloy, the entire front face is given to the speaker, which is covered with a metal plate with holes. On the right side are the device control buttons, and on the left, all connectors are a memory card slot, AUX output, microphone, and micro USB connector. There are anti-slip rubber feet on the underside. The column easily connects to a third-party device via Bluetooth 4.0. A characteristic sound will inform you about the synchronization of gadgets.

JBL Go 2

The device was released back in March 2018 – it was originally developed as a fairly budget device with wide functionality. The design is equipped with a waterproof case. It is characterized by compact dimensions and a decent volume level. The gadget has a streamlined shape and a weight of only 184 grams, available in 12 colors.

JBL Flip 4

The column is equipped with two speakers with a diameter of 40 mm each, which gives a total sound power of 16 watts. It uses Bass Radiator technology to reproduce low frequencies, resulting in deep and clear bass. All controls are on the back, so it’s best to place the speaker in a vertical position for easy track switching and volume control.